By Someone Who Has Been There
Dear AHC Moms and Dads

I  just wanted to send a brief note of encouragement to you.

In 1998, my husband and I chose to end a Trisomy 21 pregnancy in which the fetus had several major defects. We found out by amniocentesis and ultrasound.

Even though we already had a healthy two-year-old daughter at the time, we still felt that our lives had been ripped out from under us. We were both young with no family history of birth defects. We were devastated. Moreover, we lived in an area where there was a significant population of uninformed, judgmental, anti-choice individuals, which made our tragedy even more difficult to deal with. It was quite a while before we were ready to try again.

In 2002 we did try again and we gave birth to a beautifully healthy, happy baby boy! He is wonderful and he and our now eight-year-old daughter are the joy of our lives. God is a good God and He wants good things for us. Seek Him and don’t give up!