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Loss Books for Fathers, Family and Friends
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Books for Loss and Grief

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart Third Edition: Surviving the Death of Your Baby by Deborah L. Davis, Fulcrum Publishing; 3 edition (November 1, 2016) .

Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother, Published October 2013 by Kat Biggie Press. Authors: Alexa Bigwarfe, Lizzi Rogers, Starr Bryson, Regina Petsch, Kristi Bothur, Sheila Quirke, Jennie Goutet, Anna Whiston-Donaldson, Tova Gold.

The Dive :: A Memoir The Dive is the story of the anguish of a mother-to-be, faced with a heart wrenching choice that will change forever her ideas about “the right thing to do.”, by Dipika Kohli, 2013 published by Kismuth  www.kismuth.com.

Empty Arms: Coping After Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death by Sherokee Ilse and Arlene Applebaum, published 2012 by www.wintergreenpress.com or download it here for immediate e assistance during this heartbreaking time: www.memoremedia.com.

Our Heartbreaking Choices: Forty-Six Women Share Their Stories of Interrupting a Much-Wanted Pregnancy, published 2008 by IUniverse. 

Difficult Decisions: For Families Whose Unborn Baby Has a Serious Problem, by Patricia Fertel, published 2004 by Centering Corporation www.centering.org.

A Silent Sorrow, Pregnancy Loss, by lngrid Kohn, MSW and Perry-Lynn Moffitt with Isabelle A. Wilkins, M.D., published in 2000 by Routledge.

Unspeakable Losses: Healing From Miscarriage, Abortion, And Other Pregnancy Loss, by Kim Kluger-Bell, published in 2000 by William Morrow Paperbacks.

Precious Lives, Painful Choices: A Prenatal Decision-Making Guide, by Sherokee Ilse, published 1993 by www.wintergreenpress.com, or click here to download it immediately for immediate assistance during this heartbreaking time: www.memoremedia.com.

A Time to Decide, A Time to Heal: For Parents Making Difficult Decisions About Babies They Love, edited by Molly A. Minnick, ACSW and Kathleen J. Delp, ACSW, with Mary C. Ciotti, M.D., New Fourth Edition 1992, published by www.pineapplebooks.com.

Books about Trying Again and Pregnancy after Loss

Journeys: Stories of Pregnancy After Loss, by Amy L. Abbey, 2006 published by WovenWord Press.

Trying Again: A Guide to Pregnancy After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss, by Ann Douglas and John R. Sussman, 2000 published by Taylor Trade Publishing.

Pregnancy After a Loss: A Guide to Pregnancy After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death, by Carol Cirulli Lanham 1999, Published by Berkley Trade.

Another Baby? Maybe… 30 Questions Regarding Pregnancy After Loss, by Sherokee Ilse and Maribeth Wilder Doerr, published by www.wintergreenpress.com.

Books for Fathers, Family, Children and Friends

Couple Communication After a Baby Dies”: Differing Perspectives. By Sherokee Ilse and Tim Nelson, publish 2008 by www.wintergreenpress.com, or you can download it for immediate assistance during this heartbreaking time: http://wintergreenpress.org.

Why Did You Die?: Activities to Help Children Cope with Grief and Loss, by Ellen Goldring LPC and Erika Leeuwenburgh LPC, 2008 published by Instant Help; Workbook edition.

I Miss You: A First Look at Death, by Pat Thomas, 2001 published by Barron’s Educational Series

A Guide For Fathers: When A Baby Dies, by Tim Nelson published by Tim Nelson; Revised 2007 edition.

When Your Friend’s Child Dies: A Guide to Being a Thoughtful and Caring Friend by Julane Grant, 1998 published by Angel Hugs Pub.

For Better Or Worse: For Couples Whose Child Has Died, by Maribeth Wilder Doerr, published by Centering Corp (December 1992)

When Pregnancy Fails: Families Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death, by Susan Borg, published 1988 by Bantam.

What You Can Say When You Don’t Know What to Say: Reaching Out to Those Who Hurt, by Lauren Briggs, published 1985 by Harvest House Publishers. Written from a Christian perspective, this book provides positive solutions for difficult situations.