Diagnosis: Body Stalk Anomaly
By Froggy’s Mom

I just wanted to share our story because I am finally healing and hope this can be of some comfort for others who have experienced this.

My husband and I were expecting our second child. My 3 year old had affectionately named the baby Froggy.

At 19 weeks we learned the baby had a body stalk anomaly and no chance for survival. We were heart broken and it was so hard to understand why this was happening to us.

I took my prenatal vitamins, never drank or smoked, was so cautious about everything I put in my body to protect this baby and still we had to make the choice to end his life.

People tell you things happen for a reason but how could I see anything positive in this? It’s now been over two months and the reason has come.

I got a call that I may be a match to donate bone marrow. They still have to do more testing so I am praying everything matches. Had we not lost Froggy, I wouldn’t be able to donate to this person in need.

I somehow know in my heart that this was all a part of God’s plan. We may have lost our baby and a part of our family will always be missing but it just might help someone else’s family to not lose their loved one.

My prayers go out to each of you out there that have had to make a heartbreaking choice. We may not ever know why this has happened to us but I have to believe there is a reason.