By Jennifer
Diagnosis: Severe Clinical Depression

I had to make a heartbreaking choice October 30, 2003. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at the first few weeks of my pregnancy. I kept trying to hang in there for several more weeks. I became sicker and sicker.

The amount of medicine I would need to take was not safe in pregnancy. I had suicidal thoughts, and had lost 20 pounds and I was 9 weeks along. My doctor, my husband, and I made a very hard decision. It felt selfish, but in order to save myself I had to terminate my pregnancy. I now know that it was my only choice, because without my health I cannot take care of anyone.

It has taken me a year to recover after my episode of depression. I would like to hear from women who had to terminate a pregnancy for their own wellbeing.

It takes so much courage for women to share their stories. Thanks for listening to mine.