By Sarah Bird’s Mom

I wanted to share with the newly grieving that my Original Heartbreaking Choice due date was Oct 25, 2007. That date was once the darkest day of my life. Instead last year on Oct 25, I hosted a playdate for my daughter’s friends. SaraBird’s younger sister was playing with other little siblings.

Last year a friend got a cancer treatment and another friend visited her father who had recently tried to commit suicide. They were perhaps in their darkest hours, but I could be there to support them and think of them, since I am now six years away from my Heartbreaking Choice.

Sure I still sometimes dream of my two Heartbreaking Choice babies. Sometimes in a movie or a doctor’s office I have a flashback. But I’m at long last a mom to a four year old and a 1 year old and life is good.

Please know that, if you are grieving, trying to conceive, or enduring a stressful pregnancy, please know you will have a future of love and family despite your current pain and loss.